The Singapore Membrane Technology Center was established in 2008 with the mission to become a world-class research center in the fields of environment, water, energy and clean production membranes. Under the leadership of Academician Wang Rong, the Singapore Membrane Technology Center has become a well-known research center for research, development and application in the world membrane industry.

In 2012, the H2MO R&D team first developed a Thin Film Composite Membrane Comprising Aquaporin worldwide.

In 2018, the H2MO R&D team first developed a Bio-Programmable Thin Film Composite Membranes Using Biomolecules without Aquaporin(BPM)in the world.

In 2020, the first application project of BPM – PUB New Water Plant was built. 

In 2021, H2MO entered the Chinese market and built technology R&D base and product line pilot base, laying a solid foundation for the better landing and promotion of BPM in China. 

In 2022, H2MO stepped into the accelerated construction period, not only producing BPM on a large scale and automatically, but also improving water production and wastewater treatment capacity based on BPM technology.