About H2MO

H2MO is a membrane water separation technology specialist and the world's first to develop hollow-fiber Bio-programmable Membrane (BPM) technology – a biomimetic membrane production process (without Aquaporin).

The BPM technology was developed over the last 12 years by Prof. Wang Rong who leads the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC), under NEWRI of Nanyang Technological University, in conjunction with Singapore’s water utilities PUB.

Today, H2MO has offices and research centres in both Singapore and China focusing on the commercialisation of the BPM technology。

BPM water separation membranes are made by forming a thin selective layer on a hollow fibre substrate with unique formulation of bio-materials to yield enhanced water permeability and highly selective characteristics.

By using different formulations of bio-materials, H2MO can produce Reverse Osmosis, Nanfiltration, Forward Osmosis and other specialized membranes, all with enhanced performances compared with conventional membranes.


Backed by 10-year research work of cofounder Prof Wang Rong and her team at world renowned Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC), NTU/NEWRI.